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The story of Xledger – a true web-based business

Jarle Sky, one of the Agresso founder and architect of Agresso, lived in California in the late 90s. There, he got to experience the Internet’s explosive growth and realized that it would revolutionize the enterprise software industry.

Future entrepreneurs would require accessible information system that works globally and efficiently through automated processes that only the Internet could allow.

This led to the creation of Xledger in the beginning of the millennium. Many players are just now following after into the cloud, but 14 years is a long time. A true web based business applications, with the functionality and scalability needed to manage large and medium sized business requirement, does not develop overnight.

Today, Xledger is everything that Jarle Sky hoped in the cloud. We continue to automate and develop new functionality to maintain our great advantage.


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Jarle Sky

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